Our Story

Liz B was born out of a desire to create an alternative to the traditional gemstone jewellery options.

The label’s unique, at times bold, always classy designs, are the brainchild of Singapore-based designer Li Ying. Each piece is either handcrafted in Singapore, or by skilled craftsmen in Asia. Li Ying loves to work with natural gemstones and crystals;  experimenting with lines, forms and textures for each design. The result is an unique style, unconventional yet wearable. 


Singapore-based designer Li Ying has loved crafting and playing with baubles since young. Growing in expertise and technique over time, she loved to source and make unique jewellery pieces for family and friends. Often times frustrated by certain design elements or materials in commercially available jewellery, she took things into her own hands and started Liz B to create jewellery with her personal aesthetic vision.
When not designing or crafting new jewellery, Li Ying can be found running after her 3 year old toddler.
For more information about the brand or its products, send us an email at info@liz-b.com.

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