Aquamarine & Black Druzy Bracelet
Aquamarine & Black Druzy Bracelet

Aquamarine & Black Druzy Bracelet

Soothing blue aquamarine strung with natural black druzy. Dainty and feminine, with a little bit of raw sparkle. Made with jewellery wire to ensure durability.
Birthstone for March babies, aquamarine is regarded as a good cleansing stone, especially when worn in a circle around any part of your body (e.g. as a necklace or bracelet). It is believed that aquamarine can help align and strengthen the connection between the mind and body.



Natural aquamarine beads strung with silver-plated black druzy. Stainless steel hardware.
Length of bracelet is adjustable from 6 - 8 inches (please indicate if you would prefer a slight modifications).


Please note that each piece is unique and what you receive will not be the exactly same as shown. The item you receive may differ slightly from pictured due to the use of raw crystals. As with any handmade product, our pieces have slight inconsistencies which adds to their charm and make every item unique.