Amazonite and Rhodonite Bracelet
Amazonite and Rhodonite Bracelet

Amazonite and Rhodonite Bracelet

We love the colours of these bracelets! These stretch bracelets are available in two sizes - Medium and Small. Add them to your wrist stack or just wear them alone for a beautiful pop of colour!

Amazonites are great electromagnetic filters, blocking out negative energy from your electronic devices and providing soothing energy. Rhodanite promotes empathy and strengthens relationships, helping to solve conflicts constructively.



Amazonite and rhodanite beads (8mm) strung with 16K gold-plated or rhodium plated beads.
Total length of bracelet is 7.0 inches for medium and 6.25 inches for small.


Please note that each piece is unique and what you receive will not be the exactly same as shown. The item you receive may differ slightly from pictured due to the use of raw crystals. As with any handmade product, our pieces have slight inconsistencies which adds to their charm and make every item unique.

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